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Is representation of the LGBT+ community in the media realistic? And what impact does representation in the media have on the lived experiences of those who are LGBT+?

In October 2021, we undertook research to find out if depictions of LGBT+ individuals within the media are realistic based on the opinions of both the LGBT+ community and allies.

Our survey, answered by 537 people, 369 of which identified as LGBT+ (including 80 as Trans), resulted in the LGBT+ Representation in the Media report. The report found that 73% of the LGBT+ community who responded have witnessed discrimination due to negative and unrealistic media portrayals, and the majority of respondents reported that the News is the platform that showcases the most negative and unrealistic portrayals of the LGBT+ community.

The opinions raised in this report provide a compelling addition to the debate around LGBT+ representation on television and the effect that depictions may have on the lives of LGBT+ individuals.

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