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About INvolve

Who are INvolve?

INvolve is a consultancy and global network that enables leaders and change makers to build more successful and empowering organizations where everyone can thrive.

Founded in 2013 by Suki Sandhu OBE, a globally recognized expert in talent, diversity and inclusion, INvolve transforms workplaces and mindsets through the delivery of programs, thought leadership and advisory solutions to help firms drive cultural change.

We also publish annual role model lists.

Our global lists celebrate and spotlight senior business leaders and future leaders who are breaking down barriers at work, driving meaningful long-term inclusion and are inspiring the next generation of talent.

We’ve also worked in collaboration with Google and HSBC to create specific lists that feature and provide an insight into the professional and personal career journeys of diverse role models in business.

Learn more about our Lists

Where we work

Many of the organizations we work with are global, and DEI challenges often cross regional boundaries. By taking a global approach we can help create a culture which shares key values, but also understands and respects differences. While the majority of our work is conducted in the U.S, UK & Europe, our vast network allows us to build and deliver solutions across multiple different regions.

While many challenges are universal, we know that providing targeted solutions requires the knowledge and nuance surrounding local contexts, and our team can make sure key interventions are effectively tailored for individual teams wherever they work.

Our approach

Starting life as a membership organization, we have built an amazing global network of leaders and experts with whom we have worked with to drive intersectional inclusion on a global level. We have since evolved into a bespoke management consultancy allowing us to bring our expertize directly to organizations to address their unique challenges.

Our focus is on practical action, and our DEI specialists have worked with over 100 global organizations, such as Barclays, Google and The Body Shop, to drive positive organizational change from the top down. We lead with data and measurement through our unique RADAR tool and comprehensive suite of DEI strategies.

We focus on creating equitable opportunities and developing and inspiring the diverse leaders of the future while driving accountability for change through senior leadership and management teams.