About INvolve

Who are INvolve?

INvolve is a consultancy and global network championing diversity and inclusion in businesses. We were created in 2013 by Suki Sandhu OBE, a globally recognized expert in talent, diversity and inclusion.

Through the delivery of programs, thought leadership and advisory solutions, INvolve help firms drive cultural change and create inclusive workplaces where any individual can succeed.

We also publish annual role model lists.

Supported by Yahoo Finance, recognizing and celebrating business leaders and future leaders who are breaking down barriers at work and inspiring the next generation of diverse talent.

Where we work

We recognize that many of the businesses we work with are global, and challenges cross boundaries. By taking a global approach we can help create a culture which shares key values, but also recognizes and respects difference. While the majority of work is conducted in the U.S, UK & Europe, our network allows us to build and deliver solutions across multiple different regions.

While many challenges are universal, we understand that they often have a local context and our team can make sure key interventions are effectively tailored for individual teams wherever they work.

Our approach

Starting life as a membership organization supporting over 100 multinational companies, we built an amazing global network of leaders and experts breaking down barriers in support of diversity and inclusion in business. INvolve has since evolved into a bespoke management consultancy allowing us to bring our expertize directly to an organization and its unique challenges. Always working through an intersectional lens, our focus is on practical action based on the latest data and insight which drives positive organizational change from the top down.

Although we are no longer a membership organization, our network remains a key part of our approach allowing us to share best practice from across industry, connect leaders who are driving change, and amplify the voices of those who need to be heard.