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RISE Program

Our global RISE Program enables high potential diverse talent to shape and progress their own careers by building confidence, capability and leadership skills

Ambitions for change won’t result in progress until high potential diverse talent are given the tools to succeed. It’s not about providing some employees with an advantage; it’s about recognizing that diverse talent need and deserve an equitable and level playing field to achieve their career goals. This program empowers diverse talent to reach their full potential by equipping and enabling them to pave their own path to success.

RISE Program modules

Line Managers Session

A critical step for career success, is ensuring that line managers are brought into the conversation. Before the program starts, line managers have the opportunity to engage in a virtual workshop to learn more about their important role in driving the career development of their diverse participants of the program. The impact of this program is enhanced by this engagement and helps to enable a real, positive movement for inclusive cultural transformation.

Enhancing Leadership Potential

In this first module, we focus on unpicking different management styles and work styles within an organization. Module 1 focuses on identifying how high potential character strengths can help future leaders to gain confidence and elevate themselves to the next level.

Communicating Effectively

In the second module, participants are equipped with knowledge around different communication styles, and through this are able to identify their own. They’re then led through the importance of communicating effectively and are given practical advice to hone their own skills and build confidence to progress into senior leadership roles.

Strengthening Your Personal Brand and Network

Personal brand is critical for success and understanding one’s strengths in leadership. In module 3, participants learn how to develop their personal brand for success and harness their interests and strengths to build and nurture a strong professional network.

Inspirational Leadership

The fourth module consists of an exclusive, facilitated roundtable with some of INvolve’s global Role Models. Participants will be able to gauge knowledge, insights and practical tips for their own development, while also learning to recognize the power of role modelling, and their position as future role models within their organizations. This module consists of a leadership panel discussion as well as a speed-mentoring session.