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Emerging Leaders Program

Diverse future leaders need equitable workplaces to achieve career success, and this program provides high potential talent with practical tools to take them to the next level.

Investing in talent is critical for progress and ensures that organizations can meet their ambitious goals for inclusion.

Emerging Leaders Program modules

Enhancing Leadership Potential

Everyone has the potential to lead, and often this is a case of harnessing the skills one already has, rather that prescribing to the belief that a leader can only look, talk and ultimately lead one way. In this module, participants will complete a strengths profile assessment and receive a unique profile revealing their realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses. The session will focus on identifying key traits for professional success and delving into the way we use personal qualities to define the stores we tell about ourselves.

Communicating Effectively as a Leader

This second module focuses on enabling participants with the tools to proactively communicate as a leader, build cultural intelligence and to manage and have hard conversations. Skills that make a difference between average managers and inspiring, inclusive leaders are critical for the success of a team and to ensure that wider business objectives are being met. It also maintains team harmony and allows team leaders to manage productive conflict, individual team personalities and ensure that a team is working at the best level it can be, all skills that participants will gain in this module.

Personal Branding and Networking

Networking is key for leadership. Being able to liaise with stakeholders, clients and external partners as well as being able to leverage influence with an organization is key to personal and professional success. Effective PR is essential in business, and the same applies to personal brand. In this module participants gain valuable insights on how to develop their brand for success, harnessing strengths and interest, as well as how to build and nurture a strong professional network.

Inspirational Leadership

Recognizing the power of diversity and the value that each person’s unique experience can bring to any organization is integral to unlocking potential. This module gives participants an exclusive opportunity to gain insights from some of INvolve’s Empower, Heroes and Outstanding Role Models. Participants can leverage this module to learn more about being a leader in a global context, what inclusive leadership looks like as well as ask for specific advice and best practice.