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Diverse Talent Development

For many organizations the secret to diversifying their leadership teams already exists within their own workforce

High potential diverse talent often remain stuck and unrecognized within the lower levels of an organization without the opportunities and tailored support often afforded to other employees who find it easier to break through and build their careers.

We offer both cross-company and internal talent development programs which address some of the nuanced challenges which can be faced by diverse talent as they seek to progress their careers.

Global Mentoring Program

Our unique global, cross-industry mentoring program brings together emerging diverse talent and senior business leaders from across our global network in mentoring partnerships.

This 12-month program aids the career development of diverse talent and provides allies with a platform to enable future leaders to navigate specific business and personal challenges, actively fostering diverse talent pipelines.

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Emerging Leaders Program

Our Emerging Leaders’ Program is an intensive modular development program for high potential LGBTQ+, Women and ethnically diverse talent. The program is designed and to build confidence, capability and leadership skills to enable emerging talent transition into more senior roles. ​​

As well as serving to inspire and inform, our program equips future leaders with the tools to proactively shape and progress their own careers.

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RISE Program

The RISE Program is an internal, modular talent development program tailored to your organization to support high potential diverse talent as they progress into managerial and leadership roles.

Modules within the program address some of the nuanced challenges that can be faced by diverse talent and focus on developing skills in inclusive leadership to instigate a positive chain which will further support your organization’s internal talent pipeline.

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