Training & Workshops

Our core inclusion trainings and workshops comprise our suite of diversity, equity and inclusion ‘essentials’

These sessions tackle bias, raise awareness and increase base knowledge around different strands of inclusion, as well as commonalities between them.

All our workshops take an intersectional approach to D&I and focus on practical actions participants can take back to the workplace, changing behaviors and fostering more inclusive cultures.

The trainings below are part of our ‘core’ offering, but elements can be tailored to your organization or intended audience.

We also offer fully bespoke trainings, which our experienced D&I consultants can work with you to co-develop. This includes creating e-learning modules covering different elements of diversity for your organizations’ LMS.

Our inclusion trainings and workshops

Leading in an Inclusive World

This workshop builds off our highly successful Conscious Inclusion Training, offering leaders insights into how they can act as custodians of their organization’s culture and be its greatest advocates for diversity and inclusion.

This training takes delegates on a journey through key concepts on inclusion and moves on to examine how a less inclusive culture can negatively impact not just individuals, but organizations at large.

The session concludes by equipping participants with practical tools and resources to help them become more consciously inclusive leaders and to become active and authentic advocates for inclusion.

"I thought the session was great, I'm glad the session was arranged and I look forward to our organization continuing this journey and commitment to diversity and inclusion"

Participant feedback average


Active Cultural Advocacy

A workshop to help introduce conversations about inclusion in the workplace.

This session gives a refresher on the concepts of inclusion and belonging, then explores the widespread instances of covering in the workplace, enhancing empathy towards diverse talent. The discussion goes on to deconstruct the concept of racism to help develop an understanding of micro-aggressions and their role in perpetuating systemic racism.

It provides clarity on how to talk about race in the workplace and ends with practical and personalized hints and tips that help participants ‘feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable’, sharing practical actions to become advocates of colleagues of all backgrounds.

"Very thought-provoking especially around the white privilege and white fragility aspects which I've seen in the press but without much explanation of their true meaning."

Participant feedback average


Let's Talk About Race

This training introduces key concepts around race, ethnicity, identity & cultural inclusion.

Through the lens of inclusion we explore varied ethnically diverse experiences in the workplace and define some of the key language and nuances around race and ethnicity.

This session explores experiences of exclusion and helps delegates to be more consciously inclusive of all cultures within the business. The session ends with practical and personalized hints and tips on being more aware & inclusive of ethnic minority colleagues of all backgrounds.

Effective Networks

Effective Network sessions are designed for networks at any stage of their development, from beginner to advanced.

To help networks establish themselves as business resources, expand their reach and impact, develop more cohesive objectives and strategies, and engage on an intersectional basis.

Run as workshops, these sessions address specific challenges faced by your networks and encourage collaboration and creative problem solving to further enhance their impact.

"Fantastic facilitation and preparation to tailor to the needs of our business and ERGs. Inspiring content, experienced and knowledgeable leadership and open/safe environment to encourage great conversation"

Participant feedback average


Train the Trainer

An interactive program to empower your leaders to share their learnings from our DEI solutions across your organizations.

Knowledge and skill sharing is vital to embed DEI practices across your organization. Our Train the Trainer program provides your employees with the tools to take the knowledge they gain from our range of trainings and workshops and disseminate these learnings across your business. This helps to drive cultural change across the business and ensures that all your employees are engaged with and committed to driving DEI.

"Valuable and authentic examples to make the training more relevant and useful in a facilitator perspective."

Participant feedback average


Conscious Inclusion

Conscious Inclusion takes unconscious bias training a step further by encouraging the development of practical checkpoints and solutions to mitigate bias.

Conscious Inclusion is about taking practical action to tackle biases, rather than just raising awareness that they exist. This training offers your teams a closer look at their own culture and that of the wider organization. Participants are equipped with tools to help tackle their own and others’ biases through both introspection and practical action.

"Really helpful workshop to highlight and educate ourselves on diversity, good level of teaching and participation to allow for discussion and critical thinking."

Participant feedback average


Allyship and Advocacy

An interactive workshop that will take participants through key phases; from building on their empathy, to encouraging the development of practical checkpoints and solutions to reduce bias in the first place.

The main objective of the session is to learn how we can take practical action to tackle ours and other people’s biases, before sharing best practice on how to be consciously inclusive and become an active Advocate for Inclusion in the workplace (and beyond!).

"This session was extremely valuable. This seminar gave so many great tips and advice and really opened my eyes to a lot of things."

Participant feedback average


LGBTQ+ Inclusion

An interactive program designed to build awareness and understanding around LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace.

Driving LGBTQ+ inclusion is vital in the workplace. The first step in recognizing what this looks in practice is strengthening our knowledge around LGBTQ+ inclusion and key concepts around gender identity, exploring the nuances around language and terminology, the role of allyship and using practical tips to foster more LGBTQ+ inclusive behavior.

"I was impressed with the session. I learned quite a bit. I know that these conversations can feel awkward and this was factual, put me at ease and answered questions I have had."

Participant feedback average


LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Nuance, Intersectionality and Progress

In part two of our LGBTQ+ Inclusion workshop, we delve deeper LGBTQ+ inclusion looking into intersectionality, privilege and action and advocacy.

What is heteronormativity? What is the wheel of privilege? In this workshop, participants learn about the evolution of language, key concepts to drive forward conversations confidently and work on action for advocacy to enact systemic change within their organizations.

"The session was really insightful! And really good to understand the journey and some new terms that I haven't heard before, definitely thought-provoking."

Learn more about our work supporting a global organization to enable LGBTQ+ inclusion across the business here.

Inclusive Recuitment Lab

A workshop designed for mitigating bias in the recruitment process, and make sure your Recruitment teams/Hiring managers become consciously inclusive of the role they play as the first group to interact with a potential new joiner.

The session starts with an introduction to Conscious Inclusion and why it should be applied to the recruitment process.

It then takes participants through best practice on attracting diverse talent, as well as inclusive candidate selection. Participants are equipped with tools to help tackle their own and others’ biases through both introspection and practical action.

"The session was a real eye opener into other peoples views and daily encounters and has made think how I can make a positive change within my circle of people."

Participant feedback average


Inclusive Management

A workshop to upskill managers and enable them to become active advocates of inclusion within your organization.

The first component focuses on ensuring all managers have the same level of understand around how to foster equity, inclusion psychological safety and belonging – and the role that they play in creating an inclusive environment.

This is then followed up with our bespoke Open-Conversation Toolkit, which equips managers with the tools and confidence to put our workshop’s learnings into practice on a daily basis. Managers will be able to speak confidently about challenges to inclusion and encourage them to role model behaviors by acting as active intersectional advocates.

"It was fantastic and left me with a lot of genuinely game changing actions."

Participant feedback average