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Training & Workshops

Our essential DEI Trainings and Advanced Workshops provide organizations at every stage of their DEI journey with the tools for change.

These sessions tackle bias, increase base knowledge and provide practical and applicable tools to enable leaders and future leaders to make ambitions for change a reality.

DEI Essential Trainings

Our extensive suite of DEI trainings and advanced workshops take an intersectional approach to diversity, equity and inclusion and focus on practical actions that participants can apply within their own organizations.

Our core DEI trainings can be made available as both interactive or non-interactive training sessions and are great for organizations looking to implement a more standardized training program for their employees. Our essential trainings cover

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Race Inclusion

Conscious Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Management

Learn more about our essential DEI Trainings here

Advanced Workshops

Our advanced workshops are all interactive and allow participants to exchange best practice, share their specific challenges and work collaboratively on practical actions in a safe environment to further their own learning.

Purposeful Sponsorship

Leaning into Allyship & Advocacy

Inclusive Recruitment Lab

Learn more about our Advanced Workshops here

We also offer bespoke trainings, which our in-house DEI experts can work with you to co-develop. This includes creating e-learning modules covering different elements of DEI for your organizations needs.