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Informed by over 9 years supporting hundreds of companies

Our approach addresses many of the challenges in creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our Inclusive Workplaces Framework takes a holistic and connected approach to driving diversity and inclusion within an organization.

We bring together senior leadership teams, diverse employees, and advocates to embed lasting and sustainable change and create a productive work culture where anyone can succeed. Our Inclusive Workplaces Framework is cyclical to acknowledge the need to continuously review and evolve strategies and monitor outcomes as your organization advances in its DEI journey.

At each stage of the framework we have developed effective solutions to supercharge your existing approach and shift the dial when it comes to creating an inclusive and diverse business.

Any of these solutions can be implemented independently and tailored to your work culture or combined together to create a systematic approach to action based on best practice.


It starts by understanding your organization’s current levels of maturity in relation to DEI and the real lived experiences of your employees. This important information can increase the understanding of key challenges and inform a strategic approach to address them.

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Data & Benchmarking

Advisory Services


Creating tangible change involves everybody and it is important to empower individuals at all levels of an organization to model inclusive behaviors. This isn’t just about education, but about equipping potential allies with the practical tools they need to become active advocates for diversity.

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Training & Workshops

Inclusive Leadership


Even within an inclusive organization, diverse talent can face unique challenges when developing their careers and stepping up into leadership positions. To smash the glass ceiling for good, we can help future leaders build their confidence, capability and inclusive leadership skills; creating a positive chain which supports internal pipeline development.

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Diverse Talent Development


It is very difficult to succeed alone and our aim has always been to create a movement for change. For this reason INvolve is a big believer in creating strong networks, sharing best practice, and promoting Role Models. Whether you are a client of ours or not, we want to encourage everyone to become intersectional allies.

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The INvolve Network

Role Model Lists

Campaigns and Insights