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Inclusive Leadership

Leaders play a key part in the implementation of any effective DEI strategy and can become great role models for inclusive behaviors both inside and outside of the organization

Without leaders who champion inclusion and appreciate the challenges facing diverse talent, ambitions for change won’t result in meaningful progress.

Inclusive Leadership Program

Our modular Inclusive Leadership Program has been developed from our extensive experience in designing and delivering workshops for senior leadership teams across multiple regions, sectors and organizations.

This four-stage program focuses on upskilling senior leaders to become active advocates of inclusion within their organizations. The aim is to raise awareness, provide a strong level of base knowledge on what inclusive leadership looks like and equip leaders with the practical tools to become drivers on inclusion.

Modules include

Advancing Inclusive Leadership

This module contextualizes the role of inclusive leadership and it’s vast applications within a business. Participants will explore and identify their biases and discuss the value of instilling inclusive language and cultural intelligence within their workplace. They will examine their own responsibilities in driving change and locate opportunities for further change. This module will shine a light on the importance of inclusive leadership and will enable participants to become inspiring leaders.

Leaning into Allyship & Advocacy

In this module, participants will work on building their empathy and will focus on the development of practical checkpoints and solutions to mitigating their biases. Participants will explore key concepts such as passive and active allyship, and will be tooled with practical frameworks that they can apply within the context of their own organization. This session also explores some of the common challenges allies can face and how these can be mitigated to ensure that the momentum for change is maintained.

Purposeful Sponsorship

In this module, leaders will explore the interconnected nature of mentorship and sponsorship and will be equipped with the practical skills required to become purposeful sponsors for their organization’s high potential diverse talent. Participants will also examine how the professional sponsor-protégé relationship can shift from private to public and they will be able to discern the value of sponsorship within business, learning how to leverage these insights to spearhead initiatives within their own organizations to kickstart a new and important wave of sponsorship in the workplace.

Facilitated Roundtable

The program culminates with a Roundtable facilitated by one of our DEI strategy experts. This is an opportunity to share the actions and commitments from the program, and bring everything together into a practical implementation plan.