Advisory Services

Alongside working with over a hundred global organizations directly to address specific DEI challenges our wide range of tailored advisory services also support businesses to implement strategic business solutions

For those that don’t know where to start, our diagnostic tools will take the temperature of your organization and isolate where the key opportunities for progress lie. We then have a wide range of approaches which are tailored to your firm's inclusion objectives for maximum impact.

For more complex and larger scale challenges or projects, we will provide a solutions framework and work collaboratively with all those involved to ensure its successful delivery.

Our in-house team of consultants can work directly with key decisionmakers and senior leaders within your business to support in the embedding and implementation of DEI strategies.

We offer a wide range of advisory solutions that include:

  • An in-depth review of internal engagement data for analysis & recommendations based on best practice 
  • Analysis of HR processes and policies with a DEI lens 
  • Assistance in defining and creating development requirements for diverse talent 
  • Assisting in the creation and re-launch of ERGs across an organization including KPIs and governance
  • Customized employee surveys
  • Questionnaire design for engagement surveys 
  • Support with the development of DEI strategies for the business 
  • Facilitation of Focus Groups (limited audience) and Open Forums (wide audiences) 
  • Creation of bespoke DEI programs  
  • 1-2-1 coaching programs and sessions for senior leaders
  • HR policy reviews
  • Bespoke focus groups and listening sessions
  • Creating campaigns and advising on global best practice concerning self-ID
  • Designing and delivering complete E-Learning modules covering key DEI content outlined in our trainings and workshops

Benchmarking Research

Understanding where your organization stands on DEI compared to other brands within your industry can inform your approach and ensure that you are positioned to be able to compete for the best talent available.

We can undertake research which will objectively benchmark your company against a select list of other organizations. This list can include both main competitors, as well as businesses from both inside and outside the sector that INvolve consider to be best practice across differing aspects of DEI.

As well as contributing towards strategy, the report can act as a business case for DEI and a benchmark with which to monitor progress against the pace of wider change.