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Global Mentoring Program

Mentoring provides diverse talent with the tools to succeed and gives mentors the knowledge to better understand the experiences and challenges diverse talent can face.

Our global, cross industry mentoring program brings together business leaders and future leaders for 12-month partnerships. Mentees work with Mentors to achieve goals that enable their long-term success and Mentors can benefit from gaining perspectives from diverse talent that can enhance their own leadership skillset. Both Mentors and Mentees are provided with a strong, digital framework that roots this professional relationship in proactive action and accountability.

What makes INvolve’s Mentoring Program unique?


Our global mentees and mentors are matched based on their individual profiles. This includes the level of a support a mentee is looking for, and the specific insight and experience that a mentor is able to provide. Therefore, all of our matches are primed for success from the outset.


Leveraging cross-company partnerships gives both mentees and mentors access to fresh insights, tools and approaches that can help inform their own development and overlook outlook.


Our program is global, and we often create international matches so that mentees can benefit from an international approach to their career development and work cultures more broadly.


Mentees can actively preference a mentor with a shared background when taking part in our program, though we actively encourage the formation of diverse partnerships to invite new perspectives and understanding.


Our program is designed to be digital and most of our partnerships are conducted online via the Mentorloop Mentoring Platform. This platform provides mentors and mentees with easy access to online chat functions, goal setting capabilities, meeting tracking and mentoring resources.

Fully Supported

Our program is fully supported and mentees and mentors can contact us at INvolve via the Mentorloop chat function or via email at any time. We also regularly ask for and monitor feedback to make sure that mentoring relationships stay on track over the 12-month period.