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DEI Essential Trainings

Our DEI Essential Trainings can be delivered in a non-interactive or interactive format to suit your organizations specific needs.

Our trainings provide participants with both a base knowledge and understanding around some of the key concepts in DEI alongside practical tools to enable change.

Conscious Inclusion

What happens after you’ve identified your biases?

Awareness of bias is a key critical step in creating an inclusive workplace. This training takes awareness to the next level by equipping participants with the tools to actively eradicate bias.

From affinity bias, and benevolent bias to learning how it can infiltrate a business and impede progress, participants will learn how to identify, explain and correct biases where they may exist.

We will provide participants with practical checkpoints and solutions to actively mitigate bias and we’ll explore what action looks like, discuss its positive impact and provide tools to help participants effect real change.

"Really helpful workshop to highlight and educate ourselves on diversity, good level of teaching and participation to allow for discussion and critical thinking."

Participant feedback average


Inclusive Management

What separates a manager from an inclusive manager? How can being inclusive make a difference to employees, and, the overall success of a business?

Upskilling managers to become active advocates for change is key for inclusion success.

Inclusive management starts with transforming how we’ve come to know leadership, and focusing on the benefits of coaching and sponsorship to shift the age-old perception of what it takes to be a successful manager.

Participants are provided with the tools to reframe and recontextualize the relationship with their employees, learn the value of creating psychologically safe environments and centring inclusion in their approach. This session will focus on upskilling managers to become active advocates for inclusion within their organization.

"It was fantastic and left me with a lot of genuinely game changing actions."

Participant feedback average


Advancing Inclusive Leadership

What role do business leaders play in moving the dial on DEI in their organizations? What unique responsibilities and opportunities do they have to make change a reality?

Through leveraging their insights, platform and influence, leaders have an incredible opportunity to change the face of an organization for the better. In this session we guide and empower leaders to step into their power and leverage their role to drive inclusion within their organizations.

Participants will be able to explore and identify their biases, discuss the value of instilling inclusive language and cultural intelligence within the workplace and recognize the responsibilities and opportunities for further change. This session shines a light on the importance of and enables participants to become inspiring leaders within their business.

"Content was apt, ignited thoughts and facilitated candid conversations. Facilitator did a great job, it was a very interactive session. Should be made mandatory for all colleagues!"

Participant feedback average


Let's Talk About Race

How do you approach conversations about race in the workplace?

Can I say that? Is a question many of us have asked when it comes to discussing race in the workplace. Knowing what the correct and most appropriate language to use when discussing race can feel like a minefield, but confident conversations are required for intentional change. Simply put, it’s time to get over our discomfort.

In this training, we work with participants in a safe and non-judgemental space to equip them with the language and cultural nuances to have confident conversations about race in the workplace. Participants will learn about key concepts around race, explaining it’s definition and identifying it’s many forms and will be enabled to drive timely conversations for positive change.

"Really great session, useful to help me as a white colleague understand some of the nuances that were blind spots. The brilliant facilitator did a great job of highlighting the links between the subject of racism and giving examples of how this might look for other minority groups."

Participant feedback average


Beyond the Rainbow: Exploring LGBTQ+ Identities

‘LGBTQ+’ is an expansive label, encompassing many different communities and individuals. What is the status of LGBTQ+ rights today what can be done in the workplace to help advance LGBTQ+ equality?

The responsibility to ensure that LGBTQ+ employees can thrive lies with allies. To strengthen their advocacy efforts a keen understanding of LGBTQ+ histories, the evolution of language and the core social political factors impacting LGBTQ+ communities today is critical.

In this session we provide participants with the tools for change and provide guidance on key concepts around LGBTQ+ identities, delving into areas such as ‘heteronormativity’ ‘intersectionality’ and covering. Participants will be equipped with practical tools that they can implement on a daily basis to help create an organization where LGBTQ+ employees can thrive and succeed authentically.

"The session was really insightful! And really good to understand the journey and some new terms that I haven't heard before, definitely thought-provoking."

Participant feedback average