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Information for Associates

Project Agreements and Invoicing

Once you’re signed onto a project with us, you will receive a Project Agreement via Adobe Sign with details of the session/s to be delivered, delivery times and dates, and fee. You simply need to review the agreement and sign. Once signed, INvolve will send you a Project Reference Number (PRN), which you will need to include on your invoice. Inclusion of the PRN is necessary for your invoice to be processed.

Please send your invoices directly to [email protected] for processing following the schedule laid out in the Invoice Frequency field within the Project Agreement (this will usually be one invoice to be submitted to Involve following completion of the project.) We typically run two payment rounds per month – one mid-month and one at the end of the month. We aim to pay you within 30 days of receiving your invoice.



Please join your session 15 minutes before the published start time for virtual deliverables and 30 minutes before for in-person deliverables in order to ensure everything is set for successful delivery with your Session Producer.

During the session, if your Session Producer needs to contact you, they will typically send a private message via the chat function of the delivery platform. In more urgent situations, they may contact you using a phone number previously provided to us.

For sessions delivered virtually, it is vital that you have a strong internet connection. As a best practice consideration, we would suggest having a backup connection in case of issues, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot from a mobile phone. If you have questions on this or require further support, please contact [email protected].

While you are delivering with us, our clients see you as a representative for INvolve. As such, we ask that you present yourself as a member of INvolve and uphold our values in your delivery. This includes referring to INvolve as ‘us’, rather than ‘them’. If you are presented with any difficult questions which you feel need following up on, please do share this with the team after the session and we will follow up with the client.

Towards the end of the session, we ask that you share a feedback survey with the session’s attendees. The Session Producer will have a link to this survey and will share it in the chat towards the end of the session. All you need to do is move to the Feedback Survey slide when there are 3-5 minutes left in the session and ask attendees to complete the anonymous survey quickly before logging off. There are four short rating questions, and a box to share any further comments. This really helps us refine our solutions, so it’s important that we get as many attendees to complete this as possible.

Following each session, your Session Producer will share a link to our associate feedback survey to gather your immediate thoughts on how the session went. They will also share a link to the participant feedback report with you. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the process or the session, we can arrange this with the Advisory Team or with a Managing Director.