A well-known retailer worked with us to create an internal foundation training for Diversity & Inclusion which could be rolled out across the whole business through a train-the-trainer model

The Challenge

This popular retailer wanted to embed inclusive thinking globally right across the organization; from top management, through head office, to the shop floor where representatives work directly with customers to guide purchases.​

While they had trainings for many other aspects of the business, there was not a single foundation training for inclusion which would cover key concepts and embed inclusive behaviours into employees’ daily practices.​

With this brand operating in over 70 different countries, this core training would need to be relevant across multiple different regions and be straightforward enough to allow for easy translation by trainers – without the danger of misunderstandings. ​

Due to the size of the organization, and the desire for this training to be rolled out regularly to employees (including to new employees as part of their induction), a train-the-trainer approach would be required to upskill the training team so they can understand the training content and be able to deliver it with confidence to groups of employees across different regions.​

The Solutions

We started with our core Conscious Inclusion training content which covers many core concepts in inclusion and has been successfully delivered to thousands of participants at different companies across the world.​

We tailored this training with the client’s own language and incorporated some of the existing D&I materials already in use at the organization to ensure consistency. We adjusted or changed the exercises within the training so they would work in other languages and the content would make sense when translated by the trainers.​

All of the training materials were fully branded by us to the client’s identity so they could become a part of the standard portfolio used within the business.​

We then delivered a two-part program of three-hour train-the-trainer virtual workshops to upskill their global team of trainers on the material and build confidence in facilitating discussions and answering questions around diversity and inclusion within the workplace. As well as covering the core content, and how to deliver it, these workshops allowed plenty of time for trainers to ask questions, and drill down on the material to ensure it could be successfully rolled-out in their specific geographic region or to specific audiences.​

Feedback from trainers was hugely positive, with all participants rating our two facilitators at 5 out of 5, and the content at average of 4.7 out of 5.