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It’s a pleasure to announce today INvolve’s new partnership with YouTube to support our three global Role Model Lists: Empower, Outstanding, and Heroes. The launch of the partnership marks ten years since INvolve’s first ground-breaking Role Model List featured in the Financial Times in 2013, with the aim of putting a spotlight on diverse leaders who are changing the face of business.

YouTube will be the host for brand new video content from INvolve’s Role Models, with YouTube Short interviews to mark the launch of each annual List, live-streams from the annual Role Model Gala Dinners in London and New York, and longer-form videos addressing some of the big topics in diversity and inclusion. Throughout the partnership, INvolve will be working with YouTube’s global network of diverse video creators and influencers, allowing Role Models to reach and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

INvolve’s Role Model Lists celebrate and showcase diverse senior executives, diverse future leaders and their allies. These individuals are smashing barriers and driving forward inclusion for people of color, women and LGBTQ+ communities. The Lists receive thousands of nominations and submissions from across the world each year. Renowned and respected, they are integral to INvolve’s work to create more inclusive workplaces and empower businesses.

Suki Sandhu OBE, Founder and CEO of INvolve, says: “INvolve’s goal is to enable organizations with the tools to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. Since INvolve’s inception 10 years ago we’ve worked with incredible global organizations to support and enhance the career success of diverse employees and we’ve been able to spotlight thousands of role models in business who are doing incredible work to make our workplaces better. Our exciting new partnership with YouTube further enhances the importance of DEI within business and the critical work that role models are doing.

Video content has the power to break barriers and connect voices, stories and viewpoints in a way that can enact real and lasting change. Just as INvolve has been a pioneer in driving diversity and inclusion globally, YouTube has been instrumental in uniting global voices and empowering anybody, regardless of background, to share their authentic selves online.

We are excited to be working with YouTube to drive our Role Model Lists forward as we enter this new chapter for INvolve, and know they will help us to shine a light on all of the fantastic individuals who are creating businesses where everyone can thrive.

Pedro Pina, Head of YouTube Europe, Middle East, and Africa, says: “Diversity is at the core of everything we do at YouTube. Our teams are passionate about making sure we represent and reflect our broad community of users and we work hard to ensure our policies protect everyone.

I personally know the importance of positive representation and I am proud when people tell me how YouTube has given them a place to express themselves and share stories that might not otherwise be heard.

Partnering with INvolve allows us to go even further to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion. Pairing our talented creator community with INvolve’s incredible role models who are inspiring new generations and making a positive difference right across the business world.