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The Ethnicity Pay Gap

Guidance for Reporting 2022

We’re relaunching our ethnicity pay gap reporting framework and guidance to help organizations leverage this powerful tool.

The Ethnicity Pay Gap Framework enables greater accountability, action and measurement on meaningful, tangible change around racial inclusion.

At INvolve, we are strong believers in the power of data to effect change. That’s why in 2018 INvolve campaigned for companies across the UK to measure and report their Ethnicity Pay Gap (EPG) ahead of any government mandate to do so. 16 companies took part in the campaign and signed the report, committing themselves and encouraging others to work towards and eventually publish their EPG data publicly.

In the absence of a regulatory framework or requirement to reporting an ethnicity pay gap, voluntary disclosure is a powerful tool for organizations to wield in authentically advancing their inclusion efforts.

We have relaunched the framework to guide companies on the correct way to disclose their ethnicity pay gap reporting. Fill in the form to receive yours.

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