A well-known media company asked us to implement a talent development programme to support their next generation of diverse leaders and Role Models into more senior roles at the company

The Challenge

This media organization already had a well-established strategic approach to D&I which ran across all aspects of the organization including talent development. Having set ambitious targets on the diversity of their future leadership, they wanted to make sure that high potential diverse talent (LGBT+, ethnically diverse, and women) was able to progress into these positions and avoid being caught beneath a glass ceiling.

Although they already had established talent development programmes, they recognized that these were not effective in addressing the specific challenges and barriers to progression that diverse individuals may face within the organization. They were therefore looking for a cost effective specialist development programme and on going support which would help develop and inspire participants to progress through the organization and clear a path for others.

Even though we offer a cross-company Emerging Leaders’ Programme specifically for diverse talent, this client wanted to ensure that their unique culture and circumstances was reflected in both the content and delivery of all training and that it could be branded and rolled out for future cohorts as part of their standard development training for employees.

The Solutions

Using all the knowledge and feedback we have gained from running our virtual cross-company Emerging Leaders’ Programme we were able to create a tailored
version specifically for the client. This featured the following modules:

  • Inclusive Leadership: Based on a strengths profile assessment (completed prior to the session), participants were shown how to do more of what they love and release their true potential.
  • Imposter Phenomenon: Practical workshop on recognizing and mitigating the impact of imposter phenomenon for yourself and others.
  • Communications Skills: Finding your own consistent and authentic way of communicating as a business leader.
  • Role Modelling: An inspiring panel session with diverse leaders from our Role Model Lists including breakout groups to ask questions.

Following the programme, participants were invited onto our Global Mentoring Program to be paired with a senior Mentor from another company for 12 months to further support their development.

Having run an initial test cohort, the client is re-running the programme for new cohorts in 2022.