Starting with the Executive Team and Board, we worked with this large hospitality business during COVID-19 uncertainty to make inclusion an everyday conversation and increase active advocacy at every level of the organization

The Challenge

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic this organization was highly committed to long-term growth through investing in diversity and inclusion.

They had previously conducted an inclusion audit which pointed to a significant absence of ethnically diverse representation within the company, including in areas of the UK where ethnically diverse populations were higher. Rather than just focusing attention towards increasing diverse hiring, the
company correctly understood that it was of primary importance to create the right internal company culture for diverse individuals to progress and succeed.

The client wanted:

  • A top-down approach to opening the conversation about race and diversity
  • Emphasis on the practical actions that senior leaders can take to drive a more inclusive culture for all employees
  • Empower key individuals
  • Help drive overall change

The Solutions

As requested by the client we began by creating a tailored inclusive leadership programme for their Executive Team:

  • Leading In An Inclusive World
  • Active Cultural Advocacy
  • Inclusive Recruitment Lab
  • Effective Networks workshop

These workshops provide important education about the common experiences diverse individuals face as well as practical tools for senior leaders to become effective advocates.

Following hugely positive feedback from the Executive Team on the personal impact of these workshops, they were first extended to the Board, and then to the level below the Executive Team. This started a conversation within the organization which the client wanted to ensure all managers could take part in, so a tailored version of the workshop was subsequently rolled out to all UK project and team managers. This has resulted in the delivery of 48 sessions to date within the organization. Having successfully delivered these sessions, the client has further requested for us to create a regional variation in German for delivery to their Germany-based managers.