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INvolve Mentoring Resources

Introduction to Mentorloop, our Online Mentoring Platform

This video introduces both Mentors and Mentees to Mentorloop – our online Mentoring Platform. Discover Mentorloop functionalities and the role it can play in getting the best out of your mentoring partnership!

Resources for Mentees


Mentee Handbook

The Mentee Handbook contains all the important information for Mentees on the INvolve Mentoring Program. This includes information on how to conduct the relationship, what the Mentees responsibilities are, and how to overcome any unexpected challenges you may face during the course of your Mentoring relationship.

Download the Mentee Handbook

Mentee Induction Webinar (recorded 23rd November 2021)

This essential webinar introduces Mentees to the INvolve Mentoring Program and how to get the most our of their Mentoring relationship.

Resources for Mentors


Mentor Handbook

The Mentor Handbook contains everything that Mentors need to know about the INvolve Mentoring Programme and how they can best support their Mentee during the 12 months of the relationship.

Download the Mentor Handbook

Mentor Induction Webinar (recorded 24th November 2021)

This essential webinar introduces Mentors to the INvolve Mentoring Program and outlines the best way to structure and conduct a Mentoring relationship.

Looking for advice on becoming a great Mentor?

We have conducted interviews with existing experienced Mentors from our Mentoring Programme to find out what they have learned from being a long term Mentor, and to share their advice for new Mentors on how to build a strong and productive relationship with your Mentee.